Equestrian ID from OneLife iD – Rider ID band and Horse ID

Oct 26 2015

An ID for equestrian sports needs to be suitable for both rider and horse. Our Sports ID bands are ideal for those on horseback. When combined with the MiniTag ID, attached to horse and rider, the In Case of Emergency (ICE) ID products provide a complete equestrian ID solution with emergency, medical or contact information clearly engraved or printed on each ID.

OneLife’s ID bands come in a range of styles, sizes and colours so there is an ID band suitable for all ages.  The MiniTag ID is a set of 3 durable PVC key fob sized tags, available in a wide range of colours and designs.  A convenient and affordable rider or horse ID they can be attached to body protector, saddle and bridle.  Each ID band and MiniTag is personalised by the purchaser when they order and can include important emergency, medical or contact information.


Freestyle iD Band

(Click the image above to see details of the Freestyle iD)

OneLife co-founder Craig Wilson highlights the need for an ID to be convenient and fit with their routine.  “We found that most riders are well aware of the benefits of carrying or wearing an ID but often riders forget to carry or wear one”. With our personalised MiniTag ID attached to tack, personal safety equipment or clothing and the ICE information carrier sticker on the riders helmet, riders don’t have to worry as their ID is always attached to their kit. Available in a range of colours and designs, the IDs are convenient, durable and affordable.


A set of 3 MiniTags for just £5.99 help protect rider, horse and provide peace of mind.

MiniTag iD for Riders and Horse

(The Emergency Tag design above is part of our MiniTag ID range - click the image to see more) or click here to view the Equestrian ID.

MiniTag iD for Riders and Horse

Click to find out more about our MiniTag iD and Rider iD Bands

OneLife iD ICE Stickers

Each set of 3 tags come with a ICE Alert helmet sticker and the OneLife online personal ID profile (click here to find out more about the online & mobile online ID profile) which can include supplementary information and be updated whenever details change.

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