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A flexible range of Medical ID products to suit everyone. Select a OneLife iD Medical ID bracelet, wristband, tag or card and carry medical information plus next of kin contacts. Each ID product also links to an updateable online profile, where even more of your important information can be recorded.


OneLife iD’s personalised Medical ID wristbands, tags and cards with their printed and online details alert emergency responders to medical or contact information. In an emergency, access to up-to-date medical information which can assist prompt and accurate diagnosis and saves lives.

Marked with the recognised Paramedic ‘Star of Life’ the medical alert products and Allergy ID bracelets help inform responders of hidden medical conditions, allergies or essential medications. OneLife iD’s modern approach combines personal ID bands with printed or engraved details together with an online 24/7 service that means supplementary and more detailed medical information can be added to the secure online profile and updated whenever details change.

Our range of ID formats provides a style to suit everyone, from child to adults and seniors; whether you have a simple allergy or more complex medical conditions.

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We offer a choice of convenient Medical ID products and medical alert formats, personalised with your choice of engraved or printed medical information detailing immediate medical conditions, allergies, instructions, medication and emergency contacts. Select the right product for your lifestyle and the medical information you need to communicate.

Our Medical IDs are informative, convenient, accessible, visible and affordable.


  • Up to 5 lines of information on our iD bands, 5 lines on tags and key rings or 20 lines on our informative iD cards.
  • All OneLife iDs can point to a single personal online profile with additional, up-to-date medical information, documents and instructions.
  • Online profile delivers
    • Updateable details
    • Electronic information storage for detailed information:
    • Up to 6 emergency next of kin (nok) contacts and details
    • Up to 15 medical details including medical conditions, allergies and medication
      • Documents, - multi page documents – medical, insurance, instruction, treatment or crisis plan
      • Images – photos, scans
      • Weblinks – connect to other websites
  • 'Date stamp’ shows when your information was last updated
  • Photograph store assists with photo identification

For a demonstration of the emergency contacts and medical information view our short video or take a look at our demo profile To access the emergency section enter the PIN 1234.


  • Range of Medical ID products to suit all ages, lifestyles and information needs
    • Medical ID wristbands and medical alert bracelets – waterproof and durable with up to 4 lines of engraved information
    • Dog tags and key rings – both metal and MiniTag iD PVC versions to wear or attach to keys, bags, equipment, clothing or yourself
    • ID cards – for wallet or card slots
    • Mark any medical devices, equipment and medication with our Sticker Pack or MiniTag iD


  • Information can be accessed in several ways
    • printed or engraved information
    • online via web browser on PC, laptop, tablet or Smart Phone
    • or scan QR code with Smart Phone
    • medical and emergency information with secure pin protection
  • Active links for quick access or immediate dialing to:
    • emergency contact telephone numbers
    • contact telephone numbers, email and text
    • weblinks

See how OneLife iD can work in Emergencies. Look at our ICE iD Handy Guide for emergency responders.


  • IDs alert ‘responders’ as they include the universally recognised Paramedic ‘Star of Life’ logo
  • A range of IDs and colours enables user to select product or combination that is visible no matter what your activity.
    • Wear a bracelet, wristbands or tags
    • Attach tags to clothing, equipment or keys
    • Label kit or equipment with our Sticker Pack


  • Products from £4.99
  • Free subscription with no ongoing monthly or annual charges
  • All OneLife iD products include an ICE Alert Sticker and ‘App’ style Smartphone ICE screen which turns your mobile into an extra ID.

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