Social ID

Live your life and share it with your friends and network with your OneLife iD

OneLife iD is a great way to share your information with friends and people you meet.

  • ID Bands for networking with your friends
  • ID Bands for networking in business
  • keep an ID history of your contacts
  • identity products for social media networking
  • ID for your email signature
  • identity bracelets and products for social networking

Meet and Scan - out and about, on an adventure or a business meeting or conference? Exchange details by scanning OneLife iD QR codes and find out more about your contacts and how to connect with them. Most QR code readers store history or mark your favourites so you can look-up their details later.

Your Personal Webpage - with OneLife iD you create your own personal iD webpage. Add the link to your OneLife iD profile page to your e-mail signature block or use it on social media profiles as your own personal website.