Cycling ID - Emergency ID wristbands and ID tags for cyclists

OneLife iD’s founders have a passion for cycling. Cycling mad since their teens, they have developed and refined the OneLife Cycling iD product range with the aim to make carrying or wearing in case of emergency information easy for road cyclists and mountain bikers. Starting with the ID wristband, the company now provide an extended range of cycling ID products with a suitable ID available for cyclists of all ages, experience and ambition. Every OneLife iD product comes with an ICE information carrier alert sticker for cycling helmets and the Emergency lock screen for use on mobile phones.

Sports ID + Luke Rowe Team Ineos

Team Ineos’s Luke Rowe is OneLife iD’s Sports Ambassador.

Luke has worn our cycling ID bands, Squadra Stealth ID band and Freestyle ID bracelet, whilst racing in top cycling events like the Tour de France.

With Luke testing our Cycling ID bands you can be sure they are comfortable enough for your next event. Many cyclists use our IDs from Team Ineos professionals to those on their cycle commute.

Emergency ID + Wear a Cycling ID

Why wear a Cycling ID

It makes sense to wear or carry a cycling ID. The emergency information on your cycling ID can help your fellow cyclists help you, emergency services provide the emergency support you need and provides peace of mind for those at home. Watch our short cycling ID video 'Who do cyclists wear their emergency IDs for'

Medical ID + Cycling ID Benefits

Benefits of Cycling ID

Wearing a cycling ID can provide the emergency or medical information responders need to provide the care you need. This can be key information about hidden medical conditions or simply emergency contacts so those with you can use the ICE info on your Cycling ID to contact friends and family to let them know what has happened. Read our Top Tips on what information to put on your emergency cycling ID

Cycling ID wristbands

Our cycling ID bands and bracelets come in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles. From the slimline Freestyle ID band to the Tour de France proven Stealth Squadra, there is an ID band for cyclists of all ages and riding from mountain biking, to commuting or cycle road racing.

Plus, you get a ID alert sticker for your helmet and with all OneLife iD bands additional detail and documents can be added to the online ID profile and emergency mobile phone lock screen.

ID tags for Cyclists

Based on our tough PVC MiniTag iD the Cycling ID Tags are affordable and convenient for mountain biking or road cycling. MiniTag ID comes in a set of 3 and can be attached to bike, saddle pouch, back pack or keys so you don’t forget them! Available in a range of colours and suitable for all ages.

Extra information or any emergency instructions, medical conditions and “what to do next” can be recorded on the online and mobile ID profile free with every ID.

Cycling Club ID Tags

With the growing popularity of cycling many cycling and triathlon clubs are looking for ways to enhance rider safety, particularly for those enjoying club runs and events.

OneLife iD’s Club Member Emergency tags can be designed in club colours and enables members to carry in case of emergency (ICE) information. They help provide peace of mind for the member’s family and, in an emergency, deliver critical medical or contact information.