The OneLife iD online personal ID profile – where OneLife iD comes into its own

In addition to your IDs engraved or printed information the OneLife iD online personal ID profile provides a place to record and store your choice of additional emergency, medical and contact information, documents and images.

Each OneLife iD product includes a unique web address (URL) selected by the purchaser eg The unique web address, once activated and set-up by the user, provides a series of web pages that the user can use to provide supplementary emergency, medical or contact information. With this innovative personal online ID profile users can add lots more information including additional contacts, detailed medical information including documents, images and web links. Plus you can update the information whenever your details change.

There are lots of benefits of the online profile but if you just want to use you ID with its engraved or printed information then you don’t need to activate the ID or set up a user account.

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The innovative OneLife iD online personal ID profile provides the opportunity for users to share important supplementary emergency, medical or contact information that doesn’t fit on their ID.

Each profile includes a personal Home Page with easy navigation to the following webpages: emergency contacts, medical details, lost and found and personal profile.

Setting up your online ID profile

On receipt of a OneLife iD product the user receives paper and e-mail instructions on activating the ID. On activation the user sets up their online personal ID profile by selecting a user name and password.

To populate and update their profile users sign-in by entering their user name and password. User sign-in provides write access for the user

How do others see my online ID profile

To view the online ID profile there are 2 'read only' access levels.:

1. Emergency & Medical secure info - accessed through entering the online profile web address and PIN into a web browser.

2.Other public info - is read only access through entering the online profile web address into a web browser or scanning the QR code 9where appropriate).

Emergency and Medical Information

The Emergency and Medical section of the profile is accessed with a combination of web address & PIN. The secure information is date stamped to show currency and includes:

Emergency Contacts - multiple emergency contacts with multiple contact numbers.

Medical conditions, allergies and medication with option to add documents images.

Lost & Found & Social

The Lost & Found and Social sections of the OneLife iD online ID profile are public and provide contact details to re-unite users with their belongings or keep in touch with others.

• Lost & Found – personal message and contact details

• Social – contact details, social media links and images

Emergency & medical ID guide

The Vital Signs Emergency & medical personal ID quick guide is designed to be shared with emergency services, event organisers, friends and family and provides an overview of:

• Where to look for personal IDs

• How to access the information.

• ID information available