Why OneLife medical ID bands & tags make a great equestrian ID

May 31 2017

We think that our medical ID bands and emergency ID tags offer a great solution for horse and rider particularly when they are out on a ‘hack’. This month The Horse Physio takes a look at how our emergency and medical ID products make an ideal Equestrian ID.

Read on to get your 10% discount and to find out what  ‘The Horse Physio’ Sue Palmer had to say......

It is every rider’s worst nightmare…a peaceful hack suddenly shattered by an unscheduled dismount. Whether caused by a spook, a stumble, a spin, you find yourself on the ground staring up at the clouds, and all you can hear is the clatter of slowly fading hooves as your horse disappears over the horizon…

Now in an ideal world, your horse, with all their natural instincts would make their own way home. However, our human intervention has dampened down many of the natural instincts of the horse and many horses cannot find their own way home. Most horses are upset by suddenly losing their rider and panic. It can be hard for anyone finding a loose horse to know what to do. I always keep rope in my car after having to walk a loose horse 3 miles with a headcollar constructed out of my shoelaces!

I have personally experienced various situations where having emergency contact details on my horse would have made a bad situation so much better! And having emergency details on myself, as anyone who has tried to talk to someone with concussion will be able to verify!

We have teamed up with OneLife iD to provide our readers with an exclusive discount code to use on the OneLife Id website. To order your ID please click through to the Equestrian MiniTag iD and use the code "HORSEPHYSIO".

Believe me, the person who catches your horse on the road, will be so grateful to have a number to call, as will the person who finds you. Remember during medical emergencies, time is of the essence and knowing any illnesses that you already suffer from, can be vital in saving lives.

If you have horses who can do a good Houdini act, ID tags on fieldsafe headcollars are also a fantastic idea!

Please remember that while we cannot protect ourselves against every conceivable accident, we can take sensible precautions to ensure that we are covered should the worse happen. If you are not confident hacking your horse out, please consider working with your horse in hand, or in the school till you are confident to hack out. The OneLife ID can’t protect you against the unexpected, but it can help improve the outcome.

Stay safe, get OneLife iD.

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