Member ID Card & ID Key Tag for cycling, run and tri clubs

Oct 19 2018

OneLife iD has been providing a range of emergency identity tags, cards and wristbands specifically to the sports market for many years. In particular they have developed a range of sports ID products with in case of emergency information for runners, cyclists and triathletes.  Click here, to view our range of emergency and medical ID wristbands.

RiderHQ and OneLife ID have many clients in common, including the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists who use RiderHQ to manage their membership and OneLife ID to produce membership cards and racing licences and deliver them to new members.  Nigel Byrne, LVRC Chief Executive said, “The OneLife iD card and tag has been a great success with administrators, race organisers and members”. Craig Wilson at OneLife iD stated’ “There are significant benefits to the LVRC with their 1,500 members carrying the ICE ID tags when they are cycling.  Should the unforeseen happen it really helps first responders provide the support required and provides peace of mind for those at home”.

A number of clubs are also now using RiderHQ for membership and OneLife ID to generate membership cards or tags with member information such as details of emergency contact information, medical conditions, and allergies.  For more info on the OneLife ID member cards and tags click here or contact

Rider HQ have evolved their online membership system and added features to set up OneLife ID integration with the RiderHQ membership pages. Here’s RiderHQ’s advice on how to set it up:

First, decide which ID product you want to issue to members (e.g. small key tag, credit-card sized membership tag, or both) - this will determine how much space you have for details.

Next, decide what information you want to include on cards and make sure your RiderHQ membership form collects that information.

It's a good idea to split up the information you collect into separate questions, so it looks neat on the card, and members can decide what goes in which question. Use a 'text question' and make sure to limit the length to 30 characters:

Typical card info will include:

  • Personal Details: Up to 4 lines (each from a separate RiderHQ question). The first line would be member name, which RiderHQ always collects automatically. Other lines could be one or more of: DoB, member number or headline medical condition.
  • Emergency Contacts: Up to 4 lines of emergency contacts
  • Medical Information: Up to 4 lines of medical information

Here's the info to add on the RiderHQ join form:

Typical key card info

  • Line 1 - Name (all RiderHQ members will have this)
  • Line 2: Emergency Contacts 1
  • Line 3: Emergency Contacts - line 2
  • Line 4: Medical information

It's up to you what you want to collect, but hopefully this will get you started. Contact or for more detail!

For more info from RiderHQ click here

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