Medical Alert ID band provides re-assurance for walker & family

Oct 12 2016

It is good to hear a positive story about the positive impact that wearing an In Case of Emergency (ICE) can provide both for the wearer and their friends and family. So here is a tale from Sarah J-D that we wanted to share with you.

"Just a story I'd like to share with you about your product:

At the start of the year whilst out walking, I came across an elderly walker who had fallen down the embankment next to my field. He had been there all night in high winds and rain and was alive but in a bad way and incoherent.

I called emergency services and 3 4x4's and 2 ambulances later he was on his way to hospital. However, we still had no idea who the man was, where he lived either or who to contact.

I caught up with his son recently who said he had discouraged his Dad from going out walking because they were worried about another incident and he wouldn't take a mobile phone. Essentially, he was allowed out walking only if someone went with him.

I go out horse riding for hours by myself. My horse can get a bit feisty, dump me in a ditch for the fun of it and then race me home so I wear a OneLife Equestrian iD bracelet or wristband. I showed the son my emergency iD band and explained how they worked. He was very interested in the bands and thought they were a great idea.

I recently found out that his Dad now has a Medical Alert ID band and is back out and about walking and wearing his medical details and emergency contacts on his wrist band.

So the good news is he is back walking. The only difference is that now he has to tell someone he's going out and he has to wear the emergency ID band. The man is over the moon to be out and about.

So your in case of emergency (ICE) bands don't just save lives. They have given someone their independence back and provide peace of mind to his family knowing he can be identified quickly and they will be contacted.

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