Additional security features added to OneLife iD online profile

Aug 29 2020

Always aware of the need to improve security and protect your personal data we have recently added new security features which provide further protection when accessing your online emergency ID profile. At OneLife iD we are constantly evaluating how we protect your personal data from cyber attacks.

In addition to the existing security measures already in place at OneLife iD in terms of our Server and Information Security processes and procedures we have recently implemented new measures to prevent unauthorised access to customer emergency ID online profiles.  These measures include checks to prevent unauthorised access to emergency ID profiles with multiple pin attempts.  

Currently, when a customer’s emergency ID user profile is accessed they receive an email from OneLife iD informing them of the time and date and the approximate server location. This enables the user to ensure that they are aware of each time their pin secure profile is accessed. If they see an unauthorised attempt they can alert the team at OneLife iD and we can make changes to pin numbers to ensure future unauthorised access is prevented

The recently enhancedand additional security measures alert our Tech Team of an attempt at unauthorised access to the users profile through automated or robot attacks. With the additional protection added to the OneLife iD system and emergency ID profile these attempts are automatically blocked, our Tech Team investigate further and put in place any precautions needed.

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