RiderHQ and OneLife iD provide Club Membership Card and Tag

Sep 18 2018

OneLife iD has teamed up with RiderHQ to offer a sports club membership solution that provides all club members with in case of emergency (ICE) identification and an efficient way of managing club membership and administration.

Many sports organisations, and in particular cycling, running, triathlon and equestrian clubs, are now providing added peace of mind for members and their families with OneLife iD’s in case of emergency member ID cards and tags. The cards and tags can be branded in club colours, demonstrate membership and provide a convenient way for members to carry in case of emergency information for members when participating in club activities or just out enjoying what they do.

However, whilst many clubs recognise the need to encourage to carry ICE information the additional time consuming administration of collecting ICE Information, considering GDPR requirements, printing cards and distributing to members can provide a challenge with many volunteer run sports clubs.

With the RiderHQ club membership system club administrators can take membership applications and the standard membership application form collects or automatically generates personal details such as: name, address, email and other personal details such as date of birth, membership number or membership type amongst others.

To collect the additional data needed for the OneLife iD ICE cards and tags RiderHQ has now added a range of features so that club administrators can set up their member page to collect member in case of emergency details:

These extra fields can take up to 30 characters and include:

  • 2 additional lines for emergency contact information making a total of 4 lines with 2 already included in the standard RiderHQ member application
  • an optional additional 4 lines for medical information covering past medical history, medication or allergies, insurance info, NHS number etc

Once the data is input the member ICE information can be sent or collected by OneLife iD, printed and the ID cards or tags sent direct to members or to the club administrator.

Here’s a quick summary

Card and Tag Content

Card has 3 sections

Personal Details

  • Line 1 - Name on front of card
  • Line 2 - on front of card - can be dob, member number or headline medical condition.  Club can select.
  • Line 3 - extra personal info
  • Line 4 - extra personal info

Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency Contacts - line 1
  • Emergency Contacts - line 2
  • Emergency Contacts - line 3
  • Emergency Contacts - line 4

Medical Information

  • Medical Information - line 1
  • Medical Information - line 2
  • Medical Information - line 3
  • Medical Information - line 4

The Key Tag ID uses the Name, first 2 lines of emergency contacts and line 1 of the Medical Info.

Craig Wilson of OneLife iD said, “We developed the product in 2017 for the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC).  They wanted to update their membership process, reduce the administration required to distribute Member Licences/Cards and could see the benefits of 1,500 members carrying the key ICE  ID tags.  We evolved the RiderHQ process to include collecting ICE info for each member and now have a well established, efficient and secure method in place that can support clubs and organisations of all sizes.  Nigel Byrne, Chief Executive at the LVRC stated, “The LVRC had launched a number of modernisation initiatives and the OneLife iD card and tag provided a visible sign of the changes whilst also being a great success with administrators, race organisers and members”.

OneLife iD offer clubs 3 types of member ID products:

  • 3 ID key tags – 3 PVC tags, each 1/3 the size of a credit card, waterproof and durable.  Printed in club colours with 4 lines of emergency contacts or medical information.  Easy to attach to keys, clothing, bike, kit, phone case, running shoes or back packs and with 3 tags you won’t forget to take your ID with you!
  • Club Member ID – PVC ID Card, credit card size, waterproof and durable.  Printed in club colours with up to 12 lines of emergency contacts or medical information. Carry in your wallet or phone case.
  • Club Member Card with snap off key tag – combines the convenience of the tag with the detail of the card.  A PVC credit card sized card with snap off key tag.  Waterproof and durable.  Both card and key tag are printed in club colours with up to 12 lines of emergency contacts or medical information. The tag includes name, first 2 lines of the member’s emergency contacts and line 1 of the medical information.

For more info on the OneLife ID member cards and tags Click here or contact info@onelifeid.com

Click here, to view our range of emergency and medical ID wristbands.

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