iD Tags in team colours for cycling, running and triathlon clubs

Apr 16 2014

The current boom in cycling, running and triathlon is welcome, with many clubs benefitting from increased membership. It is however noticeable that many newcomers have higher expectations of club membership than the traditional club member.  Now members want a token of membership, feel a need to demonstrate that they are part of the club and want to access club discounts at the local bike or running shop.  Current attitudes also mean that club leaders now have a social responsibility to manage risk.  This can include ensuring participants in club events are club members, carry emergency identification and understand the risks and their responsibilities.

Many clubs have contacted OneLife iD to ask how we can help them with some of the current issues they are facing:

  • How do we know if someone is a fellow club member?
  • What if an accident happened?  Do they have a medical condition, allergy or take medication that we should know about? Who would we call?
  • Can we have something in club colours to demonstrate membership?
  • How do we ensure everyone participating in club activities or accessing club facilities is a current paid up member?

In response we have developed the OneLife iD Club Tag with the following features:

  • Informative
    • members choice of emergency, medical or contact information
    • club name and membership year
  • Convenient
    • set of 3 durable 'keyfob' style tags
    • attach to clothing, kit, bags, keys
    • hard wearing and durable
  • Visible
    • custom club colour and design
    • individual positions the tags where they think best
    • each set of 3 includes an ICE sticker to alert others that the individual is carrying an ID

The benefits to the club of the Tags include:

  • Demonstrate a responsible approach to member saftey
    • encourage mebers to carry emergency, medical or contact information
    • demonstrate a proactive approach to safety and social responsibility
    • enable prompt, effective action in the event of an emergency
  • Managing members more effectively
    • provide recognition of membership
    • demonstrate member eligibility for participation in club events
    • control access to member benefits and facilities eg shop discounts
  • Raising club profile and visibility
    • provide a visible sign to others of club membership
    • add value to club membership
    • raise the club's profile - set a standard for other clubs and affiliations

In use with a number of clubs James Harrison of Media Velo said "We love them".

The process is simple and includes the following 5 steps:

  1. Customise - select from 4 club designs, then add your team colours.
  2. Confirm - confirm your design and number required.  We then take payment and provide you with a unique code for each member.  
  3. Issue - the club issues the code to each existing or new number.  Once issued by the club the code enables the member to order their tag.
  4. Order - The member goes to our website (, selects the club card and adds their personal emergency, medical or contact information.
  5. Distribute - we print the personalised information onto the tags.  We can then send to the club or issue direct to the individual.

Contact us at or 07734 888008 for more information.  Pricing is covered in more detail in the link below with prices as low as £3.50 per set of 3 Tags when a club purchases 200 Tags.  

Click to download the Club iD Tag information sheet

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