Medical ID Sticker & Medical ID Key Tags for Bikers

Nov 03 2019

Emergency ID for motorcyclists for less than £20 –  Medical ID stickers and Medical ID key tags provide an affordable, effective and convenient way to carry personal identification

Emergency ID for motorcyclists is a challenge as personal identification can be easily forgotten or when needed in an emergency it is often hidden under layers of clothing or in a pocket.  At OneLife iD we collaborated with a number of motorcycling groups and members of the emergency services to understand how to overcome these issues and provide an emergency identification solution for motorcyclists which can help paramedics provide the support a motorcyclist may need in an emergency and provide peace of mind for their families.

After talking through the issues we identified three characteristics that an In Case of Emergency (ICE) should have, namely:

  • Visibility– will it be seen by those trying to help you?
  • Accessibility– can responders easily access the emergency ID without moving you? 
  • Convenience– is it with you? Does it fit into your routine so it is with you on every ride?

With these three points in mind we identified that the best place to have an emergency ID is with helmet and motorbike keys or clothing as most riders will have these with them on every ride and they are easily accessible for first responders. So at OneLife we created a motorcyclists emergency identification solution comprising 2 key products and available for less than £20:

Medical ID Helmet Sticker

Our emergency ID stickers include a unique QR code.  Attached to the riders helmet the QR code can be easily scanned and this links to the riders emergency online profile.  If you want to find out more about the QR code link to the online emergency profile read the Emergency Online Profile section below. The benefits of the Medical ID helmet stickers include:

Visibility- Available in 2 choices of bright colours and made from reflective material once attached to your helmet it is visible to responders, paramedics and emergency services.

Accessibility– with your helmet ID sticker your emergency ID info is easily accessible and not hidden beneath layers of clothing

Convenience– you always have your helmet with you on every ride so no need to remember to take your emergency ID as it is always on your helmet

Emergency ID Key Tags ID

Our emergency key tags are personalised with your emergency contacts and emergency information.  Attach to your motorbike keys or motorbike jacket zip so they are with you on every ride. The benefits of the ID Emergency ID key tags include:

Visibility- Available in many bright designs so once attached to your motorbike keys or jacket zip they are visible to responders, paramedics and emergency services.

Accessibility– with your key tag ID emergency ID info is easily accessible on your motorbike or jacket zip and not hidden beneath layers of clothing

Convenience– you always have your keys and motorcycling jacket with you on every ride so no need to remember to take your emergency ID as it is always on your keys or jacket

Other In Case of Emergency Products for Motorcyclists

Most Motorcyclists will also carry phone and or wallet. Our OneLife iD Emergency ID cards can be carried in pockets, wallet or tucked inside your mobile phone case.  The ID cards are durable PVC and can carry up to 20 lines of personalised information including emergency contacts, emergency information and medical details.

Emergency Online Profile

In addition to your ID's printed information the OneLife iD online personal emergency ID profile provides a place to record and store your choice of additional emergency, medical and contact information, documents and images.

Each OneLife iD product includes a unique web address (URL) which can be accessed by typing the url into your web browser or by scanning the QR code e.g. type in the web address or scan the QR code which will take you to the OneLife web address e.g. The unique web address once activated and set-up by the user provides a series of web pages that the user can use to provide supplementary emergency, medical or contact information. 

With this innovative personal online ID profile, users can add lots more information including additional contacts, detailed medical information including documents, images and web links. Plus you can update the information whenever your details change. Here are some FAQs regarding the QR code and the online profile.


How do I set up the QR code to link to my details

Just order the sticker pack and we send a despatch email.  Just click on the activate order link in the email and within a few clicks you can set up your profile and enter multiple emergency contacts and any emergency instructions or medical information.

Do Emergency Services know what to do with a QR code

Most Paramedics utilise handheld devices i.e. tablets to input medical information. Many of these devices include the capability to scan a QR code and so Paramedics and First Responders can scan the QR code and access your emergency information.

What is a QR code

A bit like a barcode the QR code can be scanned to read the information on the QR code.  Our QR codes are set up to include information for a specific OneLife iD web page which is set up to record your emergency contacts or medical information. The web page has the benefit that you can add lots of information, update whenever your details change and you can even add documents and images if you wish.

Top Tips on what information to put on your emergency ID

At OneLife iD we are asked, “What information should be included on my emergency or medical ID wristband or tag? We asked Specialist Paramedic Steve Shackleton for his expert advice on what vital information to include on an emergency ID wristband or Medical ID bracelet. He focussed on 3 main areas:

  • Identity
  • Medical information
  • Emergency contacts

Find out more by reading Steve's expert advice and his Top Tips for information to include on your Emergency ID

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