New Emergency ID Sticker for bike and kit

Sep 21 2019

Our new Sticker ID is a great way to carry your emergency contact information.  Attached to helmet, bike or kit so you won't forget your in case of emergency (ICE) ID. In an emergency responders can quickly scan the QR code or use the web address to access your updateable online emergency record.  Check out the demo emergency record here to see the information you can add and that responders can access.

The stickers are ideal for adding to:

  • Helmets used for Cycling, riding, triathlon, climbing, BMX, canoeing, construction workers, tree surgeons, hang gliding or skiing
  • Equipment such as bikes, BMX, mountain bike, motorbikes, canoes, surfboards, skateboards, snowboard, skis
  • Belongings like mobile phone, cycle computer, laptop, glasses case or sports equipment such as wheels, equipment, track pump etc.

The Sticker ID comes in a choice of 2 bright colour combinations red/yellow or yellow/black.  With each colour there are 7 stickers printed on reflective material.  The 7 stickers have the following features:

  • Size - each sticker pack includes 2 sticker sizes
    • 3 large stickers  (45mm x  25mm) which are ideal for larger items for example helmets, skis, snowboards, cases.
    • 4 small stickers (15mm x 45mm) that are perfect for bike frames, safety equipment, phone and helmets with vents or ridges such as cycling helmets.
  • Function - each sticker pack includes 2 sticker types - 4 Emergency stickers and 3 Contact Information Stickers.
    • Essentially the Emergency Stickers include the access PIN number so responders can access your online emergency record e.g. and then select access emergency details and enter the PIN to view your personal emergency and medical information.  
    • The Contact Information Stickers do not include the access PIN.  So those finding your item can contact you using the information on your online public profile but as there is no access PIN  so they cannot view your personal emergency and medical information. The Contact Information stickers are great way to retrive lost items eg mobile, cycle computer, glasses case
  • Features
    • Colours - choice of 2 colours - both choices in attention grabbing colour - red/yellow and yellow/black.  
    • Reflective adhesive material.
    • Water resistant and durable

These new stickers are an upgrade on our previous and popular Sticker ID. The Sticker ID is convenient so you can attach to your kit and use either for emergency contacts or to provide medical information or for Lost and Found..  The bright colours will grab attention and the clear headline Emergency or Contact Information lets responders know their function. Once attached to safety equipment items such as helmets, users will always have their personal identity information with them no matter they are doing e.g. motorcycling, skiing, cycling, skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing, climbing and more..........

The online emergency profile is a web page that OneLife ID provides and users can add emergency, medical or contact information.  It is easy to set up and OneLife ID issue instructions when we despatch your order.  A few clicks to set up the profile and then you can add as much or as little information as you need.  Some people just put their contact information, some add emergency contacts whilst others add detailed medical information including allergies, past medical history and medication.  With the online profile you can add detailed, multi-page documents such as personal crisis plans, travel itineraries, travel insurance and because it is online you can change whenever your details need updating. 

Check out the demo emergency record here to see the information you can add and that responders can access. Click on the red emergency details button and enter the demo PIN 1234 to see the detailed information that can be added and click on the links to view the images and documents.  For more on our online profile watch our Video

The online emergency record can include the user’s choice of in case of emergency ID information including:

  • Who you are – name, date of birth or NHS or EHIC number
  • What’s up – details of medical conditions, allergies, medication or previous medical history
  • What next – any emergency contacts, immediate treatment, medication or instructions.

Not sure what information to put on your emergency ID record – Read our Top Tips - what information to put on your emergency ID. 

OneLife iD offer varieties of personal ID products. The range of OneLife iD products includes medical ID bracelets,  ID Cards and Tags, key ring ID Tags, weatherproof phone case ID, and many more. There is a OneLife ID for all the family. You can also have customized emergency ID products the way you want. There’s one more benefit that every iD created on OneLife iD includes the free, online & mobile ID profile.


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