New email alert for online emergency ID profile

Jun 18 2018

The OneLife iD emergency ID online profile has a new security feature.  Whilst the online profile public pages eg name and 'front page info' can be accessed on the internet using the web address eg, the secure emergency information eg emergency contacts and instructions, medical information, can only be accessed using the combination of the web address and the users Secure PIN (4 digit number printed or engraved on your ID). Click here to find out more about the emergency ID online profile.

As the PIN protected data is a users 'personal information' the new OneLife iD profile security feature sends the user an email each time their online profile eg is accessed using the secure PIN. This alerts the user to the access and provides date, time and location of the access. The user is then able to monitor access and assess if the use is legitimate.  

Normally access will be the user testing or demonstrating the profile and PIN or during an emergency.  If the user receives an Alert email where the access is not a user test or demonstration or an emergency then the User should consider whether the PIN has been compromised.  If this is the case the user has a range of options:

  1. request that OneLife iD deactivate the PIN and then purchase a replacement emergency or medical ID. If the user has multiple products with different PINs the activated PINs will still work and continue to allow access to your profile
  2. continue to use the profile - this is not recommended as the personal information on your online emergency record can be accessed by people unknown
  3. delete all the data from your profile but please remember to use your emergency or medical ID profile you will have to enter it your data again?

It is worth noting that the location will be the geographical location of the IP address which will not always be the exact location of the person accessing it eg you may live in Bedford but the location shown is Milton Keynes or London. Internet Service providers may also change locations from time to time so one month it may show London and the next Milton Keynes.  However, the location does provide re-assurance and in particular alert you to any access from overseas or unfamiliar locations.

What should I do if I get a OneLife Security Alert email

If a user is accessing their profile and enters the PIN then shortly after the user should receive an email. However, if you are not accessing your profile and entering the PIN, and you have not been involved in an emergency and you do not know who may have accessed your profile using the Secure PIN then consider the 3 options above.  If you need OneLife iD to deactivate the pin contact and be prepared to answer some security questions so we know it is you. Once the PIN is deactivated that PIN will no longer work in opening up your data.  In this scenario we recommend you order a replacement ID with a new PIN which you can set up to access your existing online profile.

To find out more about the email alert click here

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