Emergency Identification for Horse & Rider – Equestrian ID

Apr 06 2020

Recently we have been working with a number of people and groups in the equestrian industry to develop a range of horse and rider emergency IDs. The choice of ID tags, wristbands or helmet stickers enables riders, stables, clubs or parents to select an equestrian ID product or product combination that can provide key information at the right time.

Horse Physio Sue Palmer explained, “It is every rider’s worst nightmare…a peaceful hack suddenly interrupted by an unscheduled dismount. Whether caused by a spook, a stumble, a spin, you find yourself on the ground staring up at the clouds, and all you can hear is the clatter of slowly fading hooves as your horse disappears over the horizon”.

Most horses are upset by suddenly losing their rider and panic. Once they have calmed down and come to a stop it can be hard for anyone finding a loose horse to know what to do! Having emergency contact details on a horse and emergency details on the rider can make a bad situation so much better! Also if you have horses who can do a good Houdini act, ID tags on fieldsafe headcollars are also a fantastic idea!

Believe me, the person who catches your horse on the road, will be so grateful to have a number to call, as will the person who finds you.

Here are 3 products that can be used to provide emergency contacts, medical information or instructions:

  • PVC Emergency ID Tags – set of 3 durable ID tags.  Available in a range of colours and designs which can be worn by the rider, attached to clothing or body protector,  and attached to bridle or saddle. Great value at £5.99 for a set of 3.
  • Emergency Helmet Stickers – 7 stickers that can be attached to helmet or kit. Include a personal QR code that when scanned will link to a web page with all your emergency information. 7 stickers for £9.99
  • Emergency ID wristbands  – many different options and colours with engraved emergency information. From £14.99

OneLife iD has many horse riders, organisations and riding clubs using our personal identification products. Bewdley Bridle Club Chair, Linda Anderson said "We have members of all ages and knowing that each member and horse has a useful form of emergency ID and contact information on them provides us with peace of mind".

So we think wearing a form of personal identification when horse riding makes sense. As Sue Palmer explained, “Please remember that while we cannot protect ourselves against every conceivable accident, we can take sensible precautions to ensure that we are covered should the worse happen.  The OneLife ID can’t protect you against the unexpected, but it can help improve the outcome.

OneLife iD is one of the UK’s leading providers of Sports Medical ID wristbands and products.  It’s innovative approach combines carrying or wearing an ID with an interactive online ID profile.

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