New Medical ID bracelet with leather strap

Jan 26 2018

The new leather Medical ID bracelets new leather medical ID bracelets feature a choice of brown or back leather strap, with either stainless steel or black anodised ID tags for your medical information.  Each medical ID also has a steel engraved paramedic ‘star of life’ slide on medical badge.

The medical ID Tag can be engraved with medical information including:

  • Who you are – name, date of birth or NHS number
  • What’s up – details of medical conditions, allergies or medication
  • What next – any immediate treatment, medication or instructions.

The leather strap is based on the military style watch strap so it is durable and comfortable for everyday wear. The one-piece strap is adjustable and holds the steel medical ID tag securely on your wrist. The band has a silver-tone buckle and two rings to secure the strap end.

All OneLife medical iD products include details of your online medical record where you can store additional medical information - Click here to find out more. The online record can hold medical documents, instructions and can be updated whenever your details or medication changes – Read what one of our users had to say:

"I have to thank you for the OneLife ID scheme.  It saved my life at …. on Monday - as a result of it the reponders there decided I couldn't wait for an air ambulance and (after suffering from a severe medical incident) I am one of a very few adults that was treated for this condition and saved.  The doctors were so impressed they will now be recommending those attending the hospital that they get in touch with your website to order a medical alert bracelet."

View our Black Tag Medical ID bracelet  and Stainless Steel ID Tag Medical ID bracelet 

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