OneLife Emergency and Medical ID bands feature in Gap Year Guide

Dec 02 2016

The 2017 Gap Year Travel Guide offers advice to travellers on where to go, what to do and what they need to take. Carrying a form of personal ID for the traveller or their kit just makes sense. With OneLife iD emergency and medical ID wristbands and travel ID MiniTags those on a Gap Year can:

  • ID themselves and their kit - our emergency ID wristbands are a convenient way to carry any emergency contacts or medical information. Our handy MiniTag ID is a great way of labelling kit and valuables plus our innovative Smart Phone screen means travellers can add contact details or emergency info to their mobile phone lock screen
  • Ensure medical information or instructions are quickly available to emergency services
  • Provide 'Peace of Mind' for friends and family
  • Securely store important personal documents and travel information - every OneLife iD includes a personal online ID profile.  The online profile can store extra information including emergency or medical information or important documents such as Passport, insurance, travel itinerary and can provide an emergency back-up if documents get stolen or lost.

So which products would work best for the Gap Year traveller?

  • Stealth Squadra iD wristband £21.99 - £23.99. Our most popular personal ID wristband. Comfortable silicon strap available in a wide choice of colours.  Black anodized watch clasp and ID tag with 5 lines of personalised engraving. Click to view the Stealth Squadra.
  • Travel ID Tag – at £7.49 for 3 tags these are ideal for keeping track of bags, kit and valuables. The Travel ID Tags can be attached to traveller, clothing or kit and are available in a range of designs and colours. These durable PVC tags are printed with personalised contact, emergency or contact information. Click to purchase a Travel ID Tag.
  • Freestyle iD Wristband – from £15.49 theses slimline, lightweight ID bracelet with silicon band in a choice of 3 sizes and 6 colours.  Available with Black or Stainless Steel ID tag with 4 lines of personalised engraving.
  • Full range of iD Wristbands - wide range of emergency and medical ID wristbands. Click to view the range.

All OneLife iD's include the innovative online ID profile - Click to find out more  - plus the innovative mobile phone lock screen Click to find out more

If you want to know what to put on your ID tag or ID wristband then Click to find out more

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