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Turn your mobile phone into an Emergency ID

OneLife iD's In Case of Emergency (ICE) screen turns your mobile phone into an emergency or medical ID. Find out how to use your OneLife iD online profile to create your ICE iD screen. Then take a screen shot of your ICE Screen web page and load as your mobile lock screen or wallpaper.

Watch our video of how to build your In Case of Emergency (ICE) Lock Screen:

  • • All iDs include online iD profile with Emergency Lock Screen iD feature
  • • Supplements the ID information on your iD product
  • • From User Account and My ICE Screen web page select the emergency, medical or contact information to display
  • • Ideal as Sports ID, Medical ID, Emergency ID, ICE ID, Cycling ID, Runner ID

With OneLife iD you are in control. Choose which ID products best suit your lifestyle and needs. Use the online ID profile to supplement the details on your IDs with extra information or documents and update whenever your details change.