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Video overview of OneLife iD wristbands & online iD profile

There is only a limited amount of information you can store on an ID wristband, ID Tag, ID Card or Dog Tag and what if your details change?

Where OneLife iD comes into its own is that each of our emergency iDs includes an innovative online iD profile which enables you to supplement the emergency, medical or contact information on your iD with extra details, contacts and documents.

Watch our video of how OneLife iD works showing the key features:

  • • Range of iDs – Sports ID wristbands, Medical alert bracelets. ID Tags, ID Cards, Dog Tags
  • • iDs Personalised with choice of emergency, medical or contact details
  • • Updateable online iD profile supplements information and includes attachments
  • • Used as Emergency ID, ICE ID, Medical ID, Medical Alert, Sports ID, Cycling ID, Runner ID

With OneLife iD you are in control. Choose which iD products best suit your lifestyle and needs. Use the online iD profile to supplement the details on your iDs with extra information or documents and update whenever your details change.