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Inserting your ID wristband silicon strap into the clasp

OneLife iD wristbands and Medical ID bracelets with a clasp can be adjusted to fit your wrist. Find out how to open the clasp jaws on your OneLife Emergency or Medical iD strap, insert the silicon strap and close the clasp jaw securely.

Strap and clasp features include:

  • • For all emergency, medical or sports ID bands with clasp
  • • Products include Black Ops iD, Lumo iD, Active iD, Squadra iD and Stealth Squadra iD
  • • Fold over secure clasp suitable for sports, outdoors, holidays and everyday
  • • Ideal as Medical ID bracelet, Sports ID, Cycling ID, Runner ID, Emergency ID, ICE ID

With OneLife iD you are in control. Choose which ID bands and tags fit with your lifestyle. The online ID profile can supplement your ID details with extra information or attachments plus update as your details change