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OneLife iD launch new range of allergy and medical alert badges

OneLife iD launch new range of allergy and medical alert badges that can slide on to OneLife iD’s personalised emergency ID wristbands. Badges include: Nut Allergy, Penicillin Allergy, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Dementia, Asthma, Organ Donor and more

Medical Alert ID band provides re-assurance for walker & family

A warming story about how In Case of Emergency (ICE) ID bands don't just save lives. Following an incident, an elderley walker has regained their independence and given peace of mind to his family by wearing an iD band.


CycleTechReview take a look at OneLife iD's Cycling ID wristband

Our Stealth Squadra In Case of Emergency (ICE) Cycling ID wristband is reviewed by CycleTechReview. Find out what they thought about our silicon ID wristband with the durable black anodised finish. 

Top Tips Information to include on emergency or medical ID bands

At OneLife iD we are often asked, “What vital information should be included on my emergency or medical ID wristband or tag?" Find out what Specialist Paramedic Steve Shackleton says you should include and download our handy 'Vital Information' guide.

Add an ID to your Fitbit Activity tracker or GPS sports watch

Do you wear an activity tracker band, GPS sports watch or magnetic therapy band? Here's a discrete and convenient way to turn your wearable technology into an emergency ID wristband or medical alert ID bracelet. Add a OneLife iD tag to your wristband with our latest ID tags designed to fit Fitbit Flex & Charge, TOMTOM Runner 2, silicon Bioflow sports band and more.