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OneLife iD wristband review in 'Life in the Saddle' cycling blog

Our latest Cycling ID wristbands and Cyclists ID tags are reviewed by Tim Wiggins, avid cyclist and 'Life in the Saddle' blogger. Read on to find out what Tim had to say about our Sports ID wristbands and Cycling ID tags. 

Your Horse feature - Safer Hacking with OneLife iD Equestrian ID

OneLife Equestrian ID tags and bands for Horse and Rider featured in June 2016 edition of 'Your Horse' magazine in ‘Ask the Expert’ advice on safer hacking.

OneLife iD team up with British Cycling to offer Cycling ID

We have teamed up with British Cycling to offer their members discount on the OneLife iD wristbands and products. The Cycling ID wristband and ID Tag offer is available to all British Cycling members throughout June 2016.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas from OneLife iD

Our Father's Day newsletter offers up some gift ideas for dad's outdoor adventures. The OneLife iD range has featured in GQ Magazine and includes Sports ID writsbands and Emergency ID tags. Available in a range of colours or styles there is an ID that Dad can wear or carry for sports, being outdoors or the commute to work. 

Spring Newsletter announces latest Sports ID wristband colours

Our Spring 2016 newsletter announced the arrival of new colours for our selection of sports ID wristbands and medical ID bracelets.  It also promotes our instructional video for the improved online and mobile ID profile that supplements information on the ID products.