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I’d be lost without my OneLife ICE ID bracelet by Clair Glen

My father was looking for an ICE (In Case of Emergency) ID bracelet when he was training for his charity bike ride, from John O'Groats to Lands End. This is when he came across OneLife ID. The products available were fantastic, not only does the Medical ID bracelet hold all the emergency contact details, it also gives the opportunity to hold an online profile where all medical, allergy and personal information could be entered should somebody need to find it Click to find out more about the OneLife iD online profile 

Our MiniTag iDs make the perfect cycling Emergency ID

Our convenient MiniTag iD’s can be attached to your bike with our bike ID race number holder tag.  It means you won’t forget your emergency ID when you ride – as long as you have your bike!

New Emergency ID Card for Club Members

OneLife iD launches an In Case of Emergency ID and Member Card.  Available with club colour, logos and sponsors the card is a way to show membership, access club discounts and facilities and carry emergency contacts or medical information.

Mothers Day Gift IDs - Emergency or Medical ID for Mum

OneLife iD sports ID and medical ID bracelets make an ideal Mothers Day Gift so we are offering 10% off. Perfect for Mums of all ages from sports ID bands for active Mums, key ID tags for busy Mums or medical ID bracelets for Mums with medical conditions.

Partnership with Tour of Cambridgeshire & Ayrshire Gran Fondo

OneLife iD is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Golazo Cycling for the UCI’s Tour of Cambridgeshire and Tour of Ayrshire Gran Fondos. OneLife iD and Golazo have developed a range of Cycling ID bands and tags, in event colours and designs, to help event participants carry emergency, medical or contact information.