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Who do you wear your emergency or medical ID for?

Who do you wear your medical alert or emergency ID for? Watch our latest video which highlights how wearing an ID helps others help you.

Member ID Card & ID Key Tag for cycling, run and tri clubs

OneLife iD have teamed with RiderHQ to offer an integrated membership and Member ID Card and emergency ID key tag solution for cycling, running and triathlon clubs.

RiderHQ and OneLife iD provide Club Membership Card and Tag

OneLife iD have partnered with RiderHQ to provide Club Membership Cards and Tags with members In Case of Emergency (ICE) Information and branded in team colours

Emergency ID wrist straps made from re-cycled bike tyres

Looking for a sports ID wrist band strap that is unique and a way to show your enjoyment of cycling? Try our new wrist straps made from re-cycled bike tyres.

ID Tags for Fitbit Charge 2, Apple Watch 2, Garmin Fenix

Customers are now adding our custom engraved emergency ID tags to the wrist straps of their tech wristwear. Our specially designed ID tags fit Apple Watch 2 and 3, Garmin Fenix 5, 5S, Forerunner 620 and fitbit Charge and Charge 2.