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Additional security features added to OneLife iD online profile

Always aware of the need to improve security and protect your personal data we have recently added new security features to online emergency ID profiles.



Review of OneLife iD's range of Cycling ID wristbands and tags

Cycling enthusiast and blogger Fat Girl Fit reviews our range of Sports and Cycling ID wristbands, ID cards, ID Tags and the new helmet sticker ID.

Emergency Identification for Horse & Rider – Equestrian ID

We have been working with the equestrian industry to develop a range of horse and rider emergency IDs. The choice of ID tags, wristbands or helmet stickers can provide key information at the right time.

Why wear a Cycling ID?

Why wear a Cycling ID? Watch our short video on why you should wear an emergency ID when cycling and the benefits it provides.



Medical ID Sticker & Medical ID Key Tags for Bikers

Emergency ID for motorcyclists for less than £20 – helmet medical ID stickers and medical ID key tags provide an affordable, effective and convenient way to carry personal identification