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Cycling Active reviews 'funky' OneLife iD Sports ID band

Cycling Active review OneLife iD Active ID Sports ID band in their November issue - "and ID doesn't get much funkier than the range of products from OneLife iD".

OneLife iD support UK Cycling Events with Sport & Emergency ID

OneLife iD have teamed up with UK Cycling Events to support their riders with a Team UKCE Sports and Emergency iD band and emergency profile in UKCE colours

OneLife iD Medical ID Awareness Campaign for Paramedics

Information about the OneLife iD Paramedic and First Responder Awareness initiative for personal Medical ID wristbands, braceletes and products.  Covers where to find them, how to access and the Medical ID information they store.  Also information on how to receive our Paramedic and Emergency Responder Training Pack and Resources.

Squadra iD band 'recommended' in Cyclosport Review

Cyclosport reviews the Squadra iD.  Our latest iD Sports ID band is given a 'Recommended' rating and scores 9.5 out of 10.  Cyclosport concludes:  'a well thought out product that can be personalised to suit everyone, that stretches across not only cycling but all sports and every day life'.

OneLife Sports ID bands are Cycling Weekly's Hot New Product

OneLife iD Sports ID bands were recently reviewed by "Cycling Weekly" magazine who rated us as 'Hottest New Product' in their tech section.