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New online ID profile and 'App Style' Mobile ICE Screen

OneLife ID has always been more than just ID wristbands or Dog Tags.  Offering a range of ID products for all the family no matter what they do, each ID can be linked to the innovative OneLife ID online personal ID profile.  Our Winter 2015/2016 upgrade to the online ID profile is a real step up in terms of usability and functionality and includes a number of innovative features.  The enhanced online personal ID profile now delivers a complete emergency or medical ID solution that links all your OneLife iD products to your updateable online ID profile.  The upgrade means you can update from any device (desktop, tablet or mobile), has added functionality and an easy to use Mobile ICE screen for your mobile lock screen.

Equestrian ID from OneLife iD – Rider ID band and Horse ID

Equestrian sports are an exciting and adventurous activity and while most horse riders appreciate and take precautions against the risks involved, carrying an emergency ID is perhaps the simplest and most effective thing all riders can do to protect themselves. Carrying information about your emergency contacts or any key medical conditions is easily done with the ID bands and tags available from OneLife iD.

Cycling ID - OneLife iD range of ID bands and tags for cyclists

At OneLife ID we are cyclists at heart and that's why we have continued to evolve the OneLife iD range of cycling IDs so there is something for every cyclist.  So whether it's climbing the mountains in the Tour de France, riding with the local cycling club or just riding for fun we are sure we have a cycling ID for you.

Improved online personal profile and ID web pages coming soon

Over the last few months we have been improving the online ID profile linked to our sports and medical ID bands.  We’ve taken on board your suggestions and ideas and next month we will be launching an updated online personal ID profile that includes: improved mobile access, new online document store, multiple emergency and medical details, improved usability and navigation, new print function and much more.

Luke Rowe wears OneLife iD Sports ID bands at TdF and worlds

OneLife iD are delighted to announce that for 2015 and into 2016 Luke Rowe, a professional cyclist for Team Sky, will continue to be their Sports Ambassador and official ‘road tester’ for their Sports ID wristbands.